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I heart Olivia Munn - The Video

First and foremost for your viewing pleasure, we submit the video shot and directed by ElekTro4:

I Heart Olivia Munn - The History

On December 22, 2009 the1shanti quietly released 'I *heart* Olivia Munn' onto the 'net. Why Olivia Munn? One can only guess, however in putting the puzzle pieces into place it is obvious that for a lad who excels in hip-hop and technology, an ode to a geek chic goddess makes perfect sense. The purpose of this site is to document and track the exploits of the1shanti and all of the events surrounding his self-professed desire to produce a hit single for Ms. Munn in exchange for an on-camera kiss.

In mid-February (Valentine's Day to be exact), the1shanti released an EP entitled Attack of the Flow! - an obvious play on words on Munn's show (cover art courtesey of Neil Benjamin).

the1shanti - The Energy

So WTF is the1shanti's deal anyways? Why is he even qualified to pursue our dear and precious Olivia Munn? Is he some kind of lunatic? Here's a snippet of the kind of guy he truly is:

I Heart Olivia Munn - The Making of...

While the1shanti embarked upon his mission to win over Olivia Munn, friends and colleagues of his joined in on the fun 'cause heck...why not? Who doesn't heart Olivia Munn?

ElekTro4 began shooting a video for the single. Seeing that there were a few timing and availability issues in getting an actual cameo from Ms. Munn, he became extremely creative (which is his day job).

I Heart Olivia Munn - The Word Spreads
Word spread online like hotfire and people began wondering: Why not? Sometimes the very thing you are looking for is right under your nose. Perhaps all Ms. Munn needs to do is...look down? Peoples Revolution head honcho, Kelly Cutrone and The L Word/NCIS/Stargate Atlantis starlette, Janina Gavankar left their messages at the beep: Let the1shanti produce a song and g'head and give em some love!

The Games Begin -
Aware of the1shanti's dedication to the open source and music production communities, CEO John T. Haller, began working with the1shanti on creating the Music Production Suite which includes stems for 'I *heart* Olivia Munn' with a CC-NC license. With a production environment enclosed 100% on a USB drive which can be transported anywhere and used on any PC, the1shanti can use all open source apps to make Ms. Munn's hit while fans can remix his. The pair threw a launch event at Brooklyn's hip-hop haven, Sputnik where Haller presented the1shanti with the USB drive for his journey, and Shanti performed his dedication to Munn.

Good Lord! Even Lil' Jon's Got Something to Say?

Everyone's a critic. Lil' Jon runs into Shanti in Miami and has immediate feedback regarding why Olivia's not called. He musta eff'd up. Is this the end of the story?

Stay Tuned...

Who the Heck is Olivia Munn?